What's Trending in Medical News?



Chasing the Cure is committed to making sure its community has access to the latest medical news from around the world. Here are some stories of interest: 

  • It's not all in our heads: Women from around the country share their stories of how they felt doctors ignored their health concerns, sometimes resulting in it taking years before they received an accurate diagnosis. (TODAY Show)
  • The wellness trap: When doctors ignore or dismiss women's health concerns, increasingly, more are turning to alternative medicines. (TODAY Show)
  • Is sexism getting in the way of good science? A neuroscientist at Northeastern University argues that, until recently, scientists conducted experiments on male animals only and justified the exclusion by claiming females' fluctuating hormones had the potential to negatively affect results. This has had consequences on women's health. (L.A. Times)
  • The polio-like illness that has parents concerned:  Across the country, cases of acute flaccid myelitis are on the rise. AFM causes sudden, unexplained paralysis, usually in children, and scientists currently don't know what causes it. (L.A. Times)
  • New York's plan to fight Candida Auris: State health officials are considering rigorous new requirements for hospitals and nursing homes -- including mandatory pre-admission screening of patients believed to be at-risk and isolation for those who are infected -- to prevent the spread of a deadly drug-resistant fungus. (New York Times)