I’ve suffered from pain, GI, neurological, and other symptoms. It’s debilitating, but my story isn’t over, and I believe there is still hope

Abdominal pain Bone pain Chest pain Back pain Bladder pain Arm pain Ankle pain Difficulty hearing Recent weight loss Vomiting Double vision Increased heartbeat Decreased heartbeat Fatigue Bleeding between menstrual periods Difficulty swallowing Bleeding gums Mouth sores and inflammation or jaw pain Migraine Bruises on legs Symptoms of teeth and gums Blurred vision Stomach pain Feeling hot and cold Dizziness Excessive sweating Excessive thirst Incontinence of urine (enuresis) Other symptoms or changes in bowel fu... Knee pain Knee stiffness Neck stiffness Joint stiffness Ringing in ears Lower back pain General weakness Hip pain Hip cramps, contractures, spasms Hip symptoms Symptoms of lymph glands (or nodes) Headache Difficulty urinating Difficulty breathing Insomnia Itchy skin Allergy Accidental fall Difficulty eating Limitation of movement in leg Neck pain Abnormal palpitations Weight loss Skin rash Constipation Weakness of unspecified joints Burning sensation in the chest Cramps and spasms Twitching Eye twitching Pain or soreness of breast Pelvic pressure or dropping sensation Pelvic pain Staring spells Diarrhea Throat irritation Irregularity of menstrual flow Irregular heartbeat Fainting Bladder infection Blood in urine Hand and finger stiffness Hand and finger weakness Appetite, abnormal Bloatedness Changes in size, color, shape, or odor of stool Joint pain Joint swelling Memory problems Elbow cramps, contractures, spasms Back cramps, contractures, spasms Toothache Bruises on arms Rib pain General pain General ill feeling Dry or flaky scalp Mouth dryness Cracked, bleeding, dry lips Dry skin Vaginal dryness Vaginal pain Long menstural periods Brittle, breaking, splitting, cracked... Ingrown nails Earache Other symptoms referable to skin Sleepiness Slurred speech Infant regurgitation, spitting up Foot and toe cramps, contractures, sp... Heavy menstrual flow Heartburn Vomiting blood Abnormal color of lips Foot and toe symptoms Ankle weakness Ankle symptoms Scarring Abnormal color, ridges, coated tongue Tongue pain Nightmares Butt pain Weak heart Heart pain Weakness of knee Muscle weakness Leg weakness Painful intercourse Unwanted hair Balding Other


I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome when I was 20. For 20 years I was searching for a diagnosis and I never received much medical attention and/or help. Now being diagnosed I still don’t receive much medical assistance as in do ...
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