140 characters aren't enough. I have suffered for almost 4 years now since I turned 15. We have moved around to find answers but nothing.

Nausea Abdominal pain Abdominal swelling Abnormal breathing sounds Abnormal eye movements Abnormal palpitations Decreased heartbeat Heartburn Incontinence of urine (enuresis) Increased heartbeat Lower abdominal pain Upper abdominal pain Rib pain Chest pain Chest pain and related symptoms Chest pressure Diarrhea Symptoms of head, NEC Headache Bladder infection Gastrointestinal infection Liver or gallbladder pain Back symptoms Back pain Back cramps, contractures, spasms Lower back pain Low back cramps, contractures, spasms Low back symptoms Bruises on arms Bruises on legs Weak urine stream Hoarseness Vomiting Vomiting blood Symptoms of fluid abnormalities Lung infection Lung pain Anal-rectal bleeding Difficulty breathing Rapid breathing (hyperventilation) Shortness of breath Ankle pain Muscle pain Muscle stiffness Muscle weakness Cramps and spasms Poor circulation Posture problems Hormone deficiency or problem Identity and self-esteem problems Accidental fall Absence of menstruation Fainting Anal-rectal pain Leg cramps Leg pain Leg symptoms Leg weakness Leg swelling Irregular heartbeat Involuntary urination Involuntary bowel movements Other symptoms referable to the nervo... Irregularity of menstrual flow Swollen or enlarged glands Pallor, paleness Allergy Cough Obsessions and compulsions Blood in stool Stomach pain Disorders of motor functions Anal-rectal swelling Feeling cold Feeling hot Feeling hot and cold General ill feeling Difficulty hearing Heavy menstrual flow Bladder pain Pain and related symptoms, generalize... Emotional symptoms, change of life pr... Anxiety Depression Eye strain Wheezing Restlessness Insomnia Cloudy, dull, hazy appearance of eyes Groping for words Brittle, breaking, splitting, cracked... Oiliness of skin Bloatedness Difficulty swallowing Hypertension Hysterical behavior Memory problems Underweight Excessive thirst Irregularity of menstrual interval Unusual color or odor of urine Near- or farsightedness, astigmatism Cracked, bleeding, dry lips Appetite, abnormal Reduced appetite Eyes not focusing Ankle weakness General weakness Hip symptoms Hip pain Hip cramps, contractures, spasms Hip weakness Limitation of movement, stiffness of hip Changes in size, color, shape, or odor of stool Excessive sweating Symptoms of liver, gallbladder, and b... Sleepiness Sleep apnea Convulsions Difficulty eating Ankle swelling Symptoms referable to hair and scalp Acne Other symptoms of body temperature Chills Eye twitching Twitching Staring spells Symptoms of the kidneys Slurred speech Dry skin Drainage in throat Excessive urination Problems with smell or taste Antisocial behavior Pelvic pain Itching of scalp Weight loss Symptoms of teeth and gums Sore throat Throat irritation Mouth pain or burning Burning sensation in the chest Flushed, blushing Hot flashes Swelling of unspecified muscles General pain Throat pain Throat swelling Difficulty urinating Other symptoms or changes in bowel fu... Reduced vision Flatulence Internal mass, NOS Abnormalities of urine Blurred vision Double vision Migraine Stuttering, stammering Constipation Fatigue Arm cramps, contractures, spasms Fears and phobias Limitation of movement in leg Vaginal discharge Vaginal infection Ingrown nails Other


I have suffered from Chronic Pancreatitis for the last 4 years. I am a Cystic Fibrosis Carrier and I have a Pancreatic Cancer gene that they believe somehow mutated together. I have constant nausea and vomiting. I can go days without e ...
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