Someone must have a voodoo doll of me! my body is failing and I feel like I’m being electrocuted, choked, stung and stabbed every day.

Other symptoms of body temperature Feeling cold Feeling hot and cold Fainting Excessive sweating Excessive thirst Chest pain and related symptoms Chest pressure Burning sensation in the chest Cramps and spasms General or unspecified nonviral infec... Allergy Headache Memory problems Numbness Abnormal sensation (paresthesia) Dizziness Other symptoms referable to the nervo... Symptoms of lymph glands (or nodes) Poor circulation Flushed, blushing Vision dysfunctions Reduced vision Eye infection and inflammation Sensation of a foreign body in eye Infection, inflammation, swelling of ... Eye twitching Ringing in ears Inflammation and swelling of nose General viral infection Symptoms referable to throat Lump in throat Abnormalities of sputum or phlegm Excessive spit Difficulty swallowing Heartburn Stomach pain Lower abdominal pain Upper abdominal pain Bloatedness Diarrhea Other symptoms or changes in bowel fu... Symptoms of liver, gallbladder, and b... Kidney pain Growths, warts, lumps, bumps of the s... Hot flashes Bleeding or discharge from nipple of ... Acne Discolored skin Infection of skin of leg, foot, or toe Itchy skin Other symptoms referable to skin Symptoms referable to hair and scalp Itching of scalp Neck pain Back cramps, contractures, spasms Hip pain Foot and toe symptoms Foot and toe cramps, contractures, sp... Foot swelling Weakness of shoulder Hand and finger symptoms Hand and finger weakness Muscle pain Joint pain Joint stiffness Bone pain Chills Mouth sores and inflammation or jaw pain


I have always had weird pains and sensations (tingling and shocks), I used to joke with friends that someone had a voodoo doll of me because it would feel like someone was stabbing me with a pin needle. It has progressed rapidly in the ...
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