Multiple systems are having many huge flares. See rare diseases identified. Some more brewing. Tired of being too special for specialists.

Other symptoms of body temperature Fatigue General weakness Edema Chest pain and related symptoms Butt pain Rib pain Pain and related symptoms, generalize... General pain Cramps and spasms Allergy Disorders of motor functions Staring spells Insomnia Preoccupation with sex Twitching Memory problems Disturbances of sensation Abnormal sensation (paresthesia) Dizziness Slurred speech Other symptoms referable to the nervo... Abnormal palpitations Other symptoms ref to the cardiovas/l... Pallor, paleness Blurred vision Abnormal eye movements Abnormal appearance of eyes Swelling of eyes Inflammation and swelling of nose Mouth dryness Difficulty swallowing Abdominal pain Abdominal swelling Appetite, abnormal Constipation Other symptoms or changes in bowel fu... Blood in urine Passing kidney stones Vaginal dryness Discolored skin Other symptoms referable to skin Neck pain Neck stiffness Back pain Hip symptoms Hip pain Hip cramps, contractures, spasms Limitation of movement, stiffness of hip Hip weakness Swelling of hip Leg weakness Knee symptoms Knee pain Knee cramps, contractures, spasms Knee stiffness Weakness of knee Knee swelling Ankle pain Ankle cramps, contractures, spasms Ankle weakness Ankle swelling Foot pain Foot swelling Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... Arm pain Arm cramps, contractures, spasms Elbow symptoms Elbow pain Elbow cramps, contractures, spasms Hand and finger symptoms Hand and finger stiffness Hand and finger weakness Hand swelling Muscle weakness Joint pain Unspecified joint cramps, contracture... Joint stiffness Joint swelling Musculoskeletal deformities Bowlegged, knock-kneed Bone pain Accidental fall Scarring



My health has always been outside the box. Not being able to walk at all for a day here or there since I was 8. 28 surgeries so far. So much bone pain. Pain from dislocations. Pain from soft tissue damage. Some diseases have no treatme ...
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