51 different diagnoses, 32 different medications, Went from Healthy to Wheelchair within 4 years and doctors STILL have nothing definitive!

Abnormal palpitations Abdominal swelling Ankle swelling Foot swelling Hand swelling Infection, inflammation, swelling of ... Infection, inflammation, swelling of ... Joint swelling Excessive sweating Abdominal pain Ankle cramps, contractures, spasms Abnormal sensation (paresthesia) Ankle pain Arm cramps, contractures, spasms Arm pain Back cramps, contractures, spasms Back pain Pallor, paleness Abnormal color, ridges, coated tongue Back symptoms Kidney infection Bladder pain Liver or gallbladder pain Wheezing Itchy skin Kidney pain Symptoms of the kidneys Facial paralysis Fatigue Abnormal breathing sounds Accidental fall Bone pain Blood in urine Abnormalities of urine Anemia Ankle weakness Bloatedness Dizziness Cramps and spasms Elbow cramps, contractures, spasms Low back cramps, contractures, spasms Neck cramps, contractures, spasms Hip cramps, contractures, spasms Ankle symptoms Bruises on legs Leg pain Leg cramps Leg swelling Leg symptoms Leg weakness Limitation of movement in leg Arm symptoms Bruises on arms Swelling of arm Weakness of arm Limitation of movement, stiffness of arm Low back symptoms Lower back pain Swelling of back General ill feeling General pain General weakness Other symptoms referable to the nervo... Pain and related symptoms, generalize... Joint pain Joint stiffness Symptoms of the jaw, lump or mass Difficulty swallowing Loss of sex drive Mouth dryness Dry skin Depression Edema Bladder infection Disorders of motor functions Symptoms of bladder Symptoms of liver, gallbladder, and b... Passing kidney stones Other symptoms of body temperature Reduced appetite Twitching Weight gain Muscle pain Muscle stiffness Muscle weakness Swelling of unspecified muscles Emotional symptoms, change of life pr... Hand and finger stiffness Difficulty urinating Knee stiffness Hand and finger cramps, contractures,... Difficulty breathing Hot flashes Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... Anxiety Hypertension Hypernasality Increased sensation (hyperesthesia) Change in abdominal size Blurred vision Insomnia Change in size or color of skin moles Chest pain and related symptoms Hormone deficiency or problem Near- or farsightedness, astigmatism Headache Diarrhea Other symptoms ref to the cardiovas/l... Irregular heartbeat Feeling hot Eyes not focusing Foot pain Other and unspecified symptoms refera... General or unspecified nonviral infec... Unspecified joint cramps, contracture... Symptoms of unspecified muscles Vaginal dryness Double vision Chest pain Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... Lump in neck Neck symptoms Neck pain Neck stiffness Neck swelling Weakness of neck Other



It started like 6 years ago 1 Christmas with swelling in my left leg and foot which continued to get worse and my teeth started breaking off into little pieces and becoming loose for no reason, then I started having just an overall sic ...
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